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Most of our films can be found on Youtube or vimeo, just click the image if there is a link it will open the movie.

manual competition entry forms
Click the button to download manual competition entry forms to bring in on the night of the competition. Or fill in the electronic form in the competitions tab and we will present the form for you.
Film making trophies
2019 Competitions & results
16th January
Winnick Cup
David Hutchinson with his film. Steam Punk

13th February
Balcombe Cup
David Hutchinson with his film Bristol Film Festival
A short film showing the Bristol Film Festival
13th March
Fab Photos
David Hutchinson with his film, It's cold outside
A film shot in one of the coldest places
10th April
Bob Lord Trophy
Robin Lord with his film six hours of Silverstone
A look at the cars that zoom around Silverstone race tracks.
short film 2
8th May
Wynne Mood Trophy

Richard Scarsbrook with his film Prayer flags.
An atmospheric film with some great shots.

19th June
Brian Hall Trophy

David Hutchinson with his film  Alien briefs
A one minute comedy sketch

Record Trophy

Steve Doyle with his film Dream,

A video to music film.
21st August
Vic Williams Trophy
David Hutchinson with his film The Chedi
A Holiday film
Film coming soon.

The Chedi Hotel
11th September
Trevor Weston Trophy

Roger Ball.
The theme for the Trevor Weston competition this year was to make a 30 second car advert.
25th September
Beighton Cup
Richard Scarsbrook
With his film
The Hidden Valley

2nd October
Elf Shield
Cancelled this year
No entries

Film of the Year 2019

13th November
Broussa Trophy
Richard Scarsbrrok
Prayer Flags

13th November
Perkins Cup
David Hutchinson
13th November
Riddings Trophy
Peter trengrove
The John Ranson trophyDavid Hutchinson

Throughout the year the club runs a number of internal competitions where members can submit videos made, usually to a theme. On competition night, all entries are shown at the club and everyone present has the chance to vote for whichever one they think is the best. The winner is then announced at the end of the evening. This culminates in a grand final for best and runner up for the year.
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Altrincham. WA15 6QQ.
Telephone 07932-640020
We are a film making club based in
Altrincham covering all aspects of
digital videography and film
making, including the use of
mobile phones and movie editing
We are an amateur film making
club in Altrincham. We are always
looking for scripts and ideas to
produce a high quality movie. If
you have a script you would like
turning into a movie. Please
contact us. Also if you
are interested in joining our club.
Please contact us.

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