It is that time of year again. Movie making clubs have been invited to take part in Bolton Movie Makers (BMM) Movie Challenge Competition 2023.

About BMM Movie Challenge

The competition was first held in May 2008.   Entries are open to any club in the IAC North West Region with a limit of one entry per club no longer than 15 minutes.

A large number of clubs have entered over the years and a welcome competitor recently has been Northern Ireland Camcorder Club.

Movie Challenge has always proved to be an enjoyable evening, being an opportunity to meet up with members of other local societies and BMM have always managed to show all the entries on the night.

There are no refreshments provided in the interval thereby freeing up a bit of extra time, but there is a bar where you can purchase hot and cold drinks, crisps etc.

Whilst it is not a requirement of entry to attend on the night, most clubs do so and take the opportunity to meet members of other clubs.

The competition is pre-judged by a panel and the winner receives a trophy which is kept until the following year.

The first, second and third places receive a framed certificate.

The main features of the competition are as follows:

  1. Competition is called “Movie Challenge 2023”, and is to be held on Tuesday, 23 May 2023 at Over Hulton Conservative Club.
  2. Entries from selected Clubs in the NW Region.
  3. One entry per Club of not more than 15 minutes.
  4. Competition entry fee of £5.
  5. Visitors welcome on the night of the Competition with a £1.00 per person contribution.
  6. Closing date for your entry is 4 April  2023 at the above address.
  7. Entries can be on, DVD, Memory Stick, Blu-Ray AVCHD disc or via We Transfer. There will be a Trophy and Certificate for the winner with Certificates for 2nd & 3rd.
  8. If possible, all entries will be shown on the night unless this would produce a programme which is too long, therefore, we ask entrants to keep entries under 15 min.

Bolton Movie Makers hope this Competition is of interest and it will produce an enjoyable evening of entertainment.