Competition Results 2023


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Members competitions

Throughout the year the club runs a number of internal competitions where members can submit videos made, usually to a theme. On competition night, all entries are shown at the club and everyone present has the chance to vote for whichever one they think is the best. The winner is then announced at the end of the evening. This culminates in a grand final for best and runner-up for the year.

Competitions & results

25 January 2023
Winwick Cup

13 March 2023
Balcombe Cup

Pat Duggan: Media City Salford

24 April 2023
Fab Foto

David Hutchinson: Stunning North Wales

26 April 2023
Wynne Mood Trophy

22 May 2023
Beighton Cup

Pat Duggan: Tick Tock

26 June 2023
Brian Hall Trophy

Pat Duggan: Pat’s Phone

28 June 2023
Record Trophy

24 July 2023
Trevor Weston Trophy

Pat Duggan: I Was A Langley Boy

30 August 2023
Vic Williams Trophy

27 September 2023
Elf Shield

25 October 2023
Bob Lord Trophy

29 November 2023
Take 2


13 December 2023
Broussa Trophy
(1st place)

13 December 2023
Perkins Cup
(2nd place)

13 December 2023
The RiddingsTrophy
(3rd place)