Competition dates for 2023


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Winnick CupOpen25 January 2023
Balcombe CupOpen22 February 2023
Fab PhotosOpen29 March 2023
Wynne Mood TrophySFX challenge26 April 2023
Beighton CupOpen31 May 2023
Brian Hall TrophyOpen – One minute28 June 2023
Record TrophyOpen – edit to a music track28 June 2023
Trevor Weston TrophyProduct Commercial26 July 2023
Vic Williams TrophyHoliday30 August 2023
Elf ShieldEdit donated footage27 September 2023
Bob Lord TrophyHoliday/travel25 October 2023
Take 2Open29 November 2023
1st Film of the Year – Broussa Trophy13 December 2023
2nd Film of the Year – Perkins Cup13 December 2023
3rd Film of the Year – The RiddingsTrophy13 December 2023

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