Throughout the year the club runs several internal competitions where members can submit videos made, usually to a theme. On competition night, all entries are shown at the club and everyone present has the chance to vote for whichever one they think is the best. The winner is then announced at the end of the evening. This culminates in a grand final for best and runner-up for the year.

Below is a scoreboard where each member is given a score for the following:
1 point for entering a film
2 points for coming second place
3 points for coming first place

At the end of the year, there will be a prize for the member who scores the most points.

Competition Scoreboard 2024

Name Trevor Weston Balcombe Fab Photos Wynne Mood Beighton Brian Hall Record Winnick Vic Williams Elf Shield Bob Lord Take 2 Broussa Perkins Riddings Total
Barry Peel 0 0
Chris Slater 0 0
David Barlow 0 0
David Hutchinson 1 1
Don Poole 0 0
Eric Flowers 0 0
Graham Morris 0 0
James Howes 0 0
John Hilliard 0 0
Myra Ranson 0 0
Patrick Duggan 0 0
Peter Trengove 0 0
Richard Scarsbrook 0 0
Robin Lord 0 0
Rodger Ball 1 1
Terry Roberts 0 0
Trevor Weston 0 0
Will Seddon 0 0
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