The Altrincham Movie Makers calendar has loads of Wednesdays where LIVE meetings are titled “Program TBC”. This is where you can help.

Is there anything you would like to see happen during the LIVE meetings? Perhaps you have a film idea the members could help you bring to life?

Chris Slater has come up with some ideas for meeting content. These include:

  • Chairman’s Quiz
    (ZOOM meeting)
  • Re-create a scene from a film…
    Members could watch a scene from a film, discuss how they think it was made, and recreate the clip in the club studio.
    (LIVE meeting)
  • Film/sketch ideas brainstorm
    (LIVE or ZOOM meeting)
  • Sketch night – film some sketches for the YouTube channel
    (LIVE meeting)
  • Outdoor filming excursion – this could be a summer evening activity
    Members go on a trip out to a place of interest for filming purposes. Possible venues:
    • St George’s Pool
    • Denzell Gardens
    • Dunham Massey
    • Tatton Park
    • Sale Water Park
    • Local events and activities
  • Archive night – watch a film from the HUGE archive and then discuss the pros and cons or how the film could be done differently with the modern technology

Have you any more ideas? Why not go to the suggestions box to share your ideas?