Wynne Mood Trophy


Wynne Mood Trophy was based around atmosphere and has not had a winner for the last couple of years due to a lack of entries.

We have decided this year to change it to a short special effects recreation. All entries are likely to be less than a minute.

Rodger Ball recently made contact with an old friend, Judy Lysaght, who works in the TV industry and her showreel can be seen here.

Wynne Mood clip

Your mission is to recreate this clip.

We don’t see this as an exact recreation but more the essence. So an office at the end of a street would be just as acceptable.

Judy has kindly offered to judge the entries.

As no one fully knows how they are going to achieve this, members will be encouraged to show the original footage and talk about how they managed to make the special effect.

2 Replies to “Wynne Mood Trophy”

  1. In reference to the Wynne Mood Trophy where we are basically creating a set extension, I will create something I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but not a film idea where this effect could be utilised. And for once, it has nothing to do with Doctor Who. LOL

    I will bring a scale model I got for Christmas in 1985 that is from a well-known children’s TV series.

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